The Posture Consultant
The Four Week Program Structural Integration Ten Series

Every Feb, May, Aug, Oct

10 Sessions in 4 weeks


M/W/Fri & T/TH/Sat

  • Choose one track
  • Check the dates for your month
  • Select your time (contact graham)
  • Sign up with a deposit of $120


  1. Structural Integration is different from massage in that we require client participation as part of the process both during the session and after. This participation includes, but is not limited to, moving your body while under pressure, exploring movement exercises and completing movements at home.
  2. Wearing the appropriate clothing for your session helps the practitioner access superficial tissues and more thoroughly address deeper tissues. Viewing clothes include two-piece swimwear, boxer briefs, and/or bra and underwear.
  3. Why the Four Week Program? Originally Ida Rolf, the pioneer of S.I., suggested the series be done in six weeks. Students of Ida Rolf go through the process in just five weeks. I’ve developed a way of grouping the sessions together that flows with the natural transitions in the series in just Four weeks! 
  4. The first three sessions are considered Superficial and are completed in the first week. 
  5. The Second and Third week are considered Deep Tissue sessions. Sessions four and five naturally flow together and in the second and third week we have only two sessions. Dropping the weekend session for these two Core session weeks.
  6. The Fourth week is where we transition from Deep/Core to Integrative. Completing the last three sessions in this week we end on the weekend. 


Complete your Client Intake and Agreement forms and submit them to The Posture Consultant. Make sure you check all dates and times that there are no vacations or appointments that haven’t been accounted for. These forms also include Policies on rescheduling sessions. Please make sure you understand all Policies before making your non-refundable deposit for this program.



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