Why Rolf Structural Integration?

Rolf S.I. is an effective modality for those with chronic pain, posture imbalances, life transitions and overall wellness. Structural Integration is performed in a series of Ten Sessions.


Taking into account all the layers of the body and the effect Gravity has on the individual human.


The Posture Consultant is trained in several modalities with over 10,000 hours of Hands-On Experience


Rolf S.I. balances the inner body with outer, the upper body with lower, and improves the day to day experience of being in a Body.

See The Results

Documented Results of Rolf Structural Integration

Graham Davis

Owner of TPC

Before the 2nd Ten Series of Structural Integration (2015)
After the Fifth Ten series of Structural Integration (2020)


Before Session #1
After Session #5


Before Session #1
After Session #7


Left photo: Prior to session #1
Middle photo: After session #3
Right photo: After session #7

Thank you to my amazing clients and for your support

Carla Davis

Reiki Master

Graham is such a skilled, nurturing and highly compassionate body worker! He’s proficient in several modalities, and knows just which to apply, when and where, to help my body feel better and function more efficiently! I just love him and his work!

Pina Wills

Licensed Massage Therapist

I went to see Graham after having consistent headaches, dizziness, brain fog & forgetfulness that began after a concussion and series of head injuries throughout my life. Throughout my series of sessions, I progressively felt better after each one! Graham helped me back to normal functionality and I couldn’t be happier! Graham is very professional and educated, I highly recommend his services! Hands down the best and most rewarding healing experience I have ever had.

Sean Richardson

Freelance Web Designer

Graham has done an amazing job over several sessions helping me gain strength and mobility after a back injury. He is a conscientious and skilled massage therapist who is able to adjust the methods, pressure, and intensity to the needs of his clients.


Tracking the Recipe of Structural Integration / Time-lapse Videos