I’m offering the Ten series of Structural Integration quarterly.

Four times a year the Ten series will be offered over a Four Week Program.

Ida Rolf practiced the Ten series in approx 5-6 weeks. In Guild training Practitioners are taken throught the series in 5 weeks. Models come in twice a week for each student at set times. Similar to an A / B day in high school.

I’ve modeled my series after Ida and the Guild into a 4 week program. For many reasons it makes sense to include the natural transitions present within the framework of the Ten series into the process that a client goes through.

February First is the Lauch of the 1st of Four Structural Integration programs that I will offer in 2021.

Looking ahead the next offer will start May 3rd.

Clients then choose which Track works best for them. Sign up quickly and ahead of time to work out your schedule as the evening times go fast!

Select a track:

Mon/Wed/Fri -OR- Tu/Thur/Sat.

Choose a time:

_ 1pm _ 3pm _ 5pm _ 7pm

Once you’ve selected a track you will be prompted by me or the site to fill out the Intake form on the SI page. When you’ve been accepted the exact dates will be given to you. Any questions can be answered at this time.

What to expect:

First week, sessions 1-3: Superficial Hours. 

The first three sessions we consider to be Superficial. Our focus is to open up the superficial fascial layer of the body from head to foot. You will receive three sessions in your first week either on M/W/Fri or T/TH/Sat.

Second week, sessions 4-5: Core Hours.

During the core hours we focus on well…the core. These two sessions are considered a pair and should be worked back to back. This is why in the second week you receive two sessions on your M/W or T/TH track.

Third week, sessions 6-7: Electric Hours.

For the third week we follow the same format as the second week. Two sessions. On either M/W or T/TH. The electric hours consist of the negative and positive poles of the body. Sacrum and Inner mouth work in session 7.

Fourth week, sessions 8-10. Integration Hours.

The Integrative hours are meant to pull together all that we have differentiated in the previous seven sessions. We begin connecting the work back into our center in order to move and live from a more balanced place. You leave session Ten in a new integrated body in the field of Gravity!

This fouth week mimics the first week. Three sessions on either M/W/Fri or T/TH/Sat track. The time and track you chose remain consistent throughout the program.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what if there is a session you cannot make or a time that comes up during the program that you need to reschedule?

You may reschedule two sessions at no charge to be completed in the next Open Enrollment period. Beyond two reschedules there will be a $50 charge added to set up the remaining session(s).



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