What was your first success?


I would day a memorable day was when I booked my very first Ten series outside of school or practice and I was paid $500 in full and got to work with a wonderful person over ten sessions.

Another success was feeling the way it would feel to have had something consistent in my work. I had always bounced around jobs even before massage therapy. About 6 years in I was able to look back at a job I maintained for 3 years at Thumbtack. Even though it was once a month for 3 years I was able to move on from that company when I needed room for other things in my career.

Leaving Thumbtack was the last piece of having alwasy had a side job other than just my full-time private practice where I work and study Structural Integration, Cranio Sacral and Pilates. As I’m writing this updated bio I am looking back at 9 years of practice. Not quite a decade. But a milestone.

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