What is the difference between Rolfing and Structural Integration?


There is really little difference to Rolfing and Structural Integration. We all address the same body tissues and create a series of sessions built out of our Original Recipe.

The main difference that matters is that Rolfing is a trademarked term by the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado. To be Rolfed, or recieve Rolfing is to engage with a practitioner who has graduated from this specific school. These terms were coinded after Ida Rolf the originator of Structural Integration.

Someone who practices Structural Integration has attended a similar school that has passed down the original Ida Rolf method and recipe.

There are many schools. Now that there is an International Association for Structural Integration (IASI) there is more community opportunities connecting all the schools.

There are a few key differences with how someone from any given school might approach what we refer to as the Recipe. The Recipe is really the format at which we “bake the cake”. And as you may know there are many different methods to baking a cake!

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