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I was recruited by UCMT when I was living in Oregon in 2011. I’m from Salt Lake City so it was a pretty quick decision to move back and begin school shortly after being recruited. I signed up for the Professional night program that took just about a year to complete and then right after graduation in 2012 I got enrolled in the Master Bodywork program there at UCMT. This advanced program focused on refining skills and an introduction into the basic ten series of Structural Integration as taught by Thomas Meyers in his manual Anatomy Trains.

Later I was introduced to my teacher Amber Burnham and received my first full ten series from her in 2013. Lucky for me the Guild for Structural Integration moved its main campus to Salt Lake that same year. I was able to attend the first phase of school and then complete the training in early 2015.

For several years I attended every workshop I could manage; including going to Kauai for a Four Handed workshop with Emmett Hutchins.

My training shifted in 2016 to include Yoga and I completed 500 hours with Denise Druce and Yoga Assets.

In Feb 2019 I began training at the Milne Institute for Visionary Cranio Sacral work of which I am nearing completion around 2022.

Took a dip into Balanced Body Pilates where I am studying Mat and Reformer Pilates.

Currently studying Lymphatic Drainage, ScarWork and Continued education in Ashtanga Yoga.

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